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We are so excited to announce an incredible partnership with Justina J. Dresson, a caring and experienced postpartum doula.


She is offering a special for MomCo Moms in the South Florida tri-county area:  Free postpartum doula support! 


This is a $1200 value that MomCo Moms can take advantage of for free!


Check out her website and contact Justina directly here.

Florida Counties: Miami, Broward and West Palm

Postpartum Doula Support

Check out our latest offer:  Customized t-shirts from Line Inspired!


Owner Doris Saaba has created a special offer for MomCo Moms.  Check out her work here.


Doris is so passionate about MomCo, Inc., that for every shirt a MomCo Mom orders, she will donate a portion of the proceeds to our company.


Her shirts are 100% custom designed, meaning you'll never find someone wearing the same shirt and you can create the perfect shirt for any event.  She uses the finest materials to hand press her artwork and guarantees your satisfaction.

Doris oversees ever single shirt created by Line Inspired so you know the quality is top notch!  You can order multiple sizes and styles to fit any budget or desire. 

Contact Doris and make sure to tell her you're a MomCo Mom!


Custom and Unique T-Shirt and T-Shirt Design

Meredith Kramer, of Dawn Light, LLC is offering MomCo moms 20% off her wellness services.

These services include: 

  • Sunrise/Sunset Poolside Yoga for Residential Property

  • Lunch n' Learn Workshops

  • Kundalini Yoga and Meditation

  • Private Wellness Sessions

Contact Meredith at her website and mention that you're a MomCo mom to receive these discounted services.

Florida Counties: Broward and West Palm

Wellness Services

Would you like to be featured on our offers page?  All of our partners benefit from our social media marketing, including a special email blast and social media post of your specific offer.  In addition, our MomCo team members will personally boost your offer on their social media and through word of mouth, expanding your audience reach.

To partner with us, contact us by any of our multiple means of contact: Chat with us in the box to the bottom right, connect with us on social media (links found at the bottom of every page), subscribe to our newsletter and respond to the confirmation email, text or call us at

954-900-6505 or email us at 

We can't wait to partner with you!  Contact us with any questions!

We love partnering with new friends!

Want to partner with us?

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