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The Story of How I Happy-Induced My Prodromal VBAC Home Birth

March 7, 2018



As I write this, I'm 2 days postpartum, riding high on the baby hormones.  In a separate post, I'll share my VBAC journey.  In a really cool co-blog, I'll be joining my incredible Hypnobirthing doula to talk about prodromal labor and give you the real story, including the awesomeness of prodromal labor.  Spoiler alert: It's nothing like what you've read about!


This is a super long read, mainly for my own happiness and pleasure, but I would love to hear your birth stories.  Please share them, no matter what.  It's how we all heal and live a good life. 

2 Weeks Before Birth

So, my labor story begins here because I would experience a lot of timeable tightenings.  I wondered why I was having these Braxton-Hicks waves with a degree of regularity.  At my 39 week appointment, I found out I was 2cm dilated and was pumped! The waves were working with very little effort on my part! I was pretty defeated up until this point because at 39 weeks pregnant, that's just what you do, I think.


The next day, I saw my acupuncturist for an induction session.  Something worked because I lost my mucus plug the next night!


2 days later, I was experiencing another early morning of painless, but uncomfortable waves.


2 days later, I decided to get out of my funk.  Truly, labor is easier than worrying.  Truly.


The next night, the fun REALLY started.  I was having waves that really required my focus to work through.  This continued on for 4 more mentally grueling days.  Every night, my waves would cause pain that I could easily work through thanks to Hypnobirthing. They were timeable for hours on end and then each morning, everything would fizzl