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On the Day You Turned One

My Baby,

I knew this year would fly by, but I still can't believe it. You are a whole year old today, tonight at 8:03p.m. It feels like just last month that I was in awe of how we birthed and met. I still can't believe that day.

This exact time last year, I was in the car, with your Special Person, Tyler the Hypnobirthing Doula. I was breathing through waves, still thinking there was such a thing as "false labor" and just wondering why I was experiencing so many waves.

My baby, it was you. I now know those sensations were just a communication from you to me. I'm so glad Tyler, Mimi and Dawnna could help me translate what you were asking of me. You wanted food, water, movement and different positions. You wanted some air, so I breathed. You wanted a break, so we laughed and had lunch with the birthing team girls.

Today, on the day you turned one, I am in awe of this year. We have learned so much and done so much together. You have figured out so many things and even how to communicate in your own language with us in the world. You came out so peacefully and your face was perfection and sweet.

Your personality is amazing. You are that peaceful person who holds space so well. I could dream of the ways you will impact the world, but for now, I will just enjoy you on this day you are turning one.

We will have balloons and a cake, that your big brother will take, in your name. We will celebrate in that way, but what we will really do is this: We will just sit and be with each other. We will look at each other and marvel.

On this day you turned one, I will re-up my promise to be present, smell your sweet breath, listen to your sweet voice and just be in this moment with you.

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